Lightwaves Byron Bay

a story of single fin women

This portrait series celebrates the feminine spirit of women surfers whose lives are closely interwoven with their passion for surfing single fin boards.
I first started this series when I was living in California close to the beautiful Queen of the Coast, Rincon.The amount of women gracing the line up was something new for me coming from South Africa and I knew I had to document them.
The technique of single fin surfing really complements the feminine expression and style.The elegance of the female form combined with the single fin surfboard results in a graceful dance on the water that is truly quite mesmerizing.
From California I continued my journey to my second home, Bali and started documenting my old friends at our local spot, Batu Bolong.
Byron Bay was naturally my next stop as I had spent time here a decade ago and it was time to reunite with the beautiful tribe of women here. With this portrait series I want to express the beauty and elegance of these dancers in the sea. The diversity of women here is a celebration every sunrise.
The show is up at Bay Leaf Cafe in Byron Bay until end of March. Come check it out or message me for print sales and chat about single fins and women’s surfing.
Thank you to all the incredible lady sliders for making this project happen.


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