21 Degrees – Interview

I was in Bali a few weeks ago and caught up with my good friends Rik and Kim. We met years ago in my boutique in Cape Town where they overheard that I was moving to Bali and they happened to live in Bali too!  We immediately became good friends and have since shared  a few good surf trips together. Rik and Kim have a beautiful shop in Bali where they stock their two labels – Faith 21 Apparel and 21 Degrees. Check out their cool shit and get some insight into their Bali life here:

1. You guys are from Germany and live in Bali now?

Yes, we spend our time between Germany, Bali and Cape Town, but Bali is our base right now.

2. What’s your label and store all about?

We want to build an authentic fashion & jewellery brand around a modern travel lifestyle, art and fashion. We combine a contemporary gypsy lifestyle with bohemian laissez-faire. All  21 Degrees products are made in collaboration with true artisans and specialized craftsmen here on Bali. We want our customers to feel the passion for design and love for detail that we put into our products. For our store we want to create a coziness and welcoming feeling so that people spend time to discover all the different little gems that are on offer.

3. Why Bali ?

Bali lets you breathe. You can live a creative life here and escape the typical routine. Bali can be extremely harsh, painful but soft and gentle all at the same time. It is an island of crazy contrasts that make you mad or serves as endless inspiration. And Bali has waves!

4. What do you do for fun?

Surfing, yoga, riding around on our motorbike, drinking coffee, more coffee, meeting friends, Sundays on the beach, dancing….

5. Favorite wave?

Echo Beach is down the road. But Lacerations is by far the fave wave.

6. What is your latest project or collection you are working on? Inspiration?

Our upcoming collection is based on the myth of “Nyai”, the Queen of the South Sea from old Javanese mythology. She is said to take the souls of young fishermen and swimmers. She appears as a beautiful young woman at times or as an old woman at others. The collection combines sheer feminine beauty with depth and darkness. We are always inspired by folkloric tales or ancient mythology, those things are endless and crazy inspirational to us.

7. Favorite food spot in Bali?

We love to eat. We are vegetarians and love Indonesian food. Warung Melati in Double 6 Road is great, KZU in Drupadi is another favourite and our friends Gypsy and Justin at Betelnut Cafe in Canggu make some amazing dishes!

_MG_4938 _MG_4957

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